ETCDEV is a leading Ethereum Classic development company with a strong focus on decentralized computing providing long term support for the ETC blockchain.

ETCDEV is a geographically diverse and interdisciplinary team of software engineers and professionals. They work full time on many core Ethereum Classic projects including Classic Geth, Emerald, SputnikVM, and Orbita. They’re at the forefront of blockchain development and research.

IOHK (Grothendieck)

Named after a leading figure in the creation of modern algebraic geometry, the IOHK Grothendieck Team is a motivated group of math and science-driven engineers and developers. At the forefront of team’s development is Mantis, a node client built from scratch using Scala, a functional programming language. Mantis easily connects to the IOHK Daedalus Wallet UI, allowing users to easily manage their ETC. The team’s focus is to securely and methodically establish a strong ETC ecosystem, with a solid foundation and immutability at its core.


The ETC Cooperative (the “ECC”) was created to financially support the growth and development of Ethereum Classic by funding three key aspects of the ETC ecosystem: development, marketing, and community. To that end they serve as a liason between various teams, maintain community-based software, and reach out to members of other Ethereum-based communities.


Ethereum Classic Labs provides funding, industry connections, and office space to burgeoning ETC projects; with office space in San Francisco and Singapore. Their long-term goal is to accelerate the development of the Ethereum Classic community & ecosystem.

Ethereum Commonwealth

Ethereum Commonwealth works on multiple blockchain projects including ETC and currently maintains Classic Ether Wallet.