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2019/12/27 ETC Discord

The Summary of the Gas-Limit Configuration Call from 12/27/2019

There was an ETC Devs / Miners / Community Call a day ago to talk about options to manage rampant chain bloat, which is on the ETC mainnet at the moment and is being caused by…

2019/12/27 Ethereum Classic Core Developers Call, ETC Core

Ethereum Classic Core Devs Meeting - Gas Limit Reduction

2019/12/23 Constant P2P, Ethereum Classic Labs

Constant P2P and ETC Labs AMA Recap

2019/12/12 soc1c

Core Devs Call: ECIP-1056 Agharta Final Finalization Ref #131 ECIP-1056 Ref ECIP-1056 #75 #131 #135 ETC Core Devs Call - Agharta Final Finalization When: Thursday, December…

2019/12/12 Ethereum Classic Core Developers Call, ETC Core

Ethereum Classic Core Devs Meeting - Agharta hard fork finalization

2019/12/12 ETCC, Ethereum Classic Consortium

ETC Consortium and Huobi: ETC giveaway for ETC Community ONLY!

2019/12/12 Stevan Lohja, ETC Core

Ethereum Classic Agharta hard-fork finalization

2019/12/10 Yaz Khoury

Agharta Finalization Core Devs Call

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, 1pm UTC , an Ethereum Classic Core Devs call will be held to determine the final block selection for Agharta. The call will be held in our English…

2019/12/10 Yaz Khoury, Ethereum Classic Cooperative

Agharta Finalization Core Devs Call

2019/12/08 Bob Summerwill, Ethereum Classic Cooperative

What is happening with Ethereum Classic? (Devcon5)

2019/12/05 Bob Summerwill

Core Devs Call: ECIP-1061 Aztlán Upgrade (Yingchun Edition) ETC Core Devs Call - Confirm consensus for Aztlán Upgrade (Yingchun Edition) When: Thursday, December 5, 2019, 1pm UTC, 60 minutes…

2019/12/05 Ivan Skladchikov, Exscudo

ETC vs. ETH: What Is Ethereum Classic?

2019/12/04 Sam, Saturn Network

What is a full node?

2019/11/30 Sara Gillard, Namecoin News Set to Be Renamed to by Next Year

2019/11/29 Commonwealth,

Big News: is now Rebranding to

2019/11/27 soc1c

Core Devs Call: ECIP-1061 Aztlán Finalization Ref ECIP-1061 #81 #157 #176 ETC Core Devs Call - ECIP-1061 Aztlán Finalization When: Wednesday, November 27, 2019, 1pm UTC…

2019/11/24 Red Panda Mining, Red Panda Mining

Ethereum Classic REJECTS ProgPoW...

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