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2020/06/10 Raw Pong Ghmoa

Phoenix Hard Fork Upgrade

ECIP 1088: Phoenix EVM and Protocol Upgrades Simple Summary Enable the outstanding Ethereum Foundation Istanbul network protocol…

2020/05/13 Bob Summerwill, Epicenter Podcast

EthCC: Tribalism in the Crypto Space

2020/05/11 Ethereum Classic Labs, Gitcoin Media

ETC Labs Workshop: New York Blockchain Week Hackathon

2020/05/07 ETC Core, OpenRPC

Introduction - OpenRPC Webinar

2020/05/07 ETC Core, Ethereum Classic Core

Up and Running Kotti TestNet in 1 minute with Jade Desktop

2020/04/27 Maheen Hernandez, The Currency Analytics

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Know about Uncle Blocks Rates Rewards and Discounts

2020/04/10 UnknownCrypto, UnknownCrypto

How To Mine Ethereum Classic

2020/04/09 Donald McIntyre, Etherplan

Why Does Ethereum Classic Have Value?

2020/04/05 Donald McIntyre, Etherplan

The Bitcoin Security Model Explained

2020/03/19 Donald McIntyre, Etherplan

Ethereum Classic Ungovernance Explained

2020/03/19 Stevan Lohja, ETC Core

Install Core-geth on Linux

2020/03/17 Matthew Mazur

ETC's 5M20 Era3 - Block Reward Reduction

ECIP 1017: Monetary Policy and Final Modification to the Ethereum Classic Emission Schedule Abstract This ECIP proposes a solution…

2020/03/17 Bob Summerwill, Ethereum Classic Cooperative

Ethereum Public and Enterprise Specifications

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