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2020/06/10 Raw Pong Ghmoa

Phoenix Hard Fork Upgrade

ECIP 1088: Phoenix EVM and Protocol Upgrades Simple Summary Enable the outstanding Ethereum Foundation Istanbul network protocol…

2020/05/28 Stevan Lohja, Ethereum Classic Core

Update your ETC nodes within the next 72 hours

2020/05/21 Stevan Lohja, ETC Core

Migrating from Parity to Core-Geth

2020/05/20 ETC Coop, Ethereum Classic Cooperative

ETC Phoenix client upgrade instructions

2020/04/20 Neuron, Saturn Network

The Final HODL: Prometheus - Saturn Protocol v2

2020/04/17 Stevan Lohja, Ethereum Classic Labs

Announcing our Gitcoin’s Funding the Future Hackathon Winners

2020/04/10 UnknownCrypto, UnknownCrypto

How To Mine Ethereum Classic

2020/03/30 Bitmain, Bitmain

Bitmain’s Antminer E3 Firmware Update

2020/03/30 Associated Press, Crypto Ninjas

Hyperledger Besu graduates to active project status

2020/03/20 ETC Labs, Gitcoin

ETC Labs Workshop: Funding The Future

2020/03/17 Matthew Mazur

ETC's 5M20 Era3 - Block Reward Reduction

ECIP 1017: Monetary Policy and Final Modification to the Ethereum Classic Emission Schedule Abstract This ECIP proposes a solution…

2020/03/17 Bob Summerwill, Ethereum Classic Cooperative

Ethereum Public and Enterprise Specifications

2020/03/05 Red Panda Mining, Red Panda Mining

Ethereum Classic The FIFTHENING... Not Halving!

2020/03/05 Bob Summerwill, Ethereum Community Conference

A Call for an End to Tribalism in Ethereum, 2 Years Later - ETC Cooperative

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