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Ethereum Classic presents a unique investment opportunity as it is one of the few truly neutral blockchain projects. The protocol treats all participants equally. This means that if you purchase ETC, you are contributing directly to the network's security, and there is no central organization that disproportionately benefits from this contribution.

On chains that have an undiluted premine or a dev team that receives a portion of the block reward, not only does this group tax your contribution, but it will be diverted away from network security, either directly from miners or in the form of negative price pressure as value is liquidated to pay for this group's expenses.

Ethereum Classic, thanks to the ultrafair redistribution, does not have a central organization that is continually liquidating their premine, which pushes the price down at the expense of holders. Moreover, as with Bitcoin, ETC has a known future supply rather than one that can be inflated away at the whim of an opaque organizing committee, which redistributes value away from holders.

The following materials discuss relevant information aimed at investors and those looking to understand the potential upside and value proposition of ETC.

Grayscale's ETC Research Report

Grayscale's report about the value proposition of Ethereum Classic. Discusses the origins of ETH and ETC, the investment opportunity that ETC presents as a store-of-value commodity that can power the internet of things, and how a strategic allocation to ETC can improve the efficiency of investor portfolios.

ETC is Money

A colorful and opinionated reminder about the qualities of "hard money" and how they relate to Ethereum Classic

The Ethereum Classic Monetary Policy Explained

Lays out the capped monetary policy of ETC, similar to Bitcoin's and unlike ETH. The total supply of ETC will converge on an amount between 199M and 210M over the next century. Also explains the 20% new supply reduction ("fifthening") every 5M blocks, and economics of the initial launch allocation.

The Logic of why Ethereum Classic will Rise 1000x in the Medium to Long Term

Etherplan explains why Ethereum Classic might see some favorable returns in the foreseeable future.

Why Does Ethereum Classic Have Value?

Etherplan examines the value proposition of ETC and why the network has fundamental value as a “programmable digital gold.”

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on ETC Explained

Explores how wealth can be stored on the blockchain by its owner and leveraged through decentralized finance applications. DeFi gives participants far greater control and transparency into their funds compared to the traditional banking system.

Grayscale Ethereum Classic Trust (ETCG)

Grayscale's Ethereum Classic Trust enables investors to gain exposure to the price movement of ETC through a traditional investment vehicle. ETCG is traded on the stock market using a brokerage, and can be held by retirement accounts (IRA/401K). Avoids the challenges of investors buying and storing ETC.

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