This page contains a list of community-sourced projects that are working for, with or on top of Ethereum Classic.


Apps Powered by Etc

A selection of (decentralized) applications that are built on top of Ethereum Classic.

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Sports betting platform that started on ETC.


Many contracts running on ETC, and statistics about them, can be found on this community-run site including decentralized exchanges, gambling/insurance contracts, and tokens.

Emerald Platform

Toolkit to build applications running on Ethereum ETC, contains UI Components, Libraries for Javascript and Rust, Icons, Build tools, etc. Targeting various platforms, such as Desktop, Mobile, Web and even Shell Scripting.


A cross-blockchain cryptocurrency that will start off bridged between ETC and ETH blockchains.


OriginalMy provides a fully automated platform to register and verify the authenticity of digital documents, contracts, and identities. They are now expanding into stock holder voting on the blockchain.


A series of cross-chain bridges designed to allow for value transfer and information sharing between ETC and ETH blockchains.

Portal Network's BNS

Portal Network created the Blockchain Name Service standard that turns cryptic blockchain addresses (ex. 0xfa91d23…) into simple human-readable addresses (ex. myname.etc).

Saturn Network

A decentralized exchange running on both ETC and ETH.


Sidechains may become a native part of ETC infrastructure and protocols. This will increase ETC’s scalability and bring blockchain to a diverse group of handheld and IoT devices for the first time.


SputnikVM is a highly efficient and pluggable implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It is a standalone EVM that can operate independently of a blockchain and is capable of running on low powered devices; with plans to run on ultra-low power devices.


Stampery certifies data on the blockchain, providing proof of existence, integrity, ownership, and receipt.


A small selection of resources such as explorers, chat rooms, exchanges and mining pools.
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