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All that's new in Classic - October Edition

pyskell (Anthony)

Gather ‘round boys and girls, it’s time for an update on where Ethereum Classic is and where it’s heading.

Development is expanding, marketing is ramping up, and we got spammed

We’ve got the ETC Summit, 4 new ETCDEV Team members, 2 new members of the Ethereum Commonwealth, constant Twitter updates, and a great podcast. We’ve actually had the podcast for a while (I was even on it!), I just forgot to mention it in the last article. Commonwealth is even transcribing it.

We also had some issues with spam on Slack and no effective way to deal with it. We just didn’t have tools on Slack. So we’ve moved to Discord. Come join us there!

For the users

Emerald Wallet — Now with token and Ledger Nano S support!

Daedulus — In development. It’s a brand new wallet from IOHK that will support both Classic and Cardano blockchains. I’ve used it on Cardano, it’s pretty slick. Classic support is coming soon.

DexNS — Version 3.0 is being rolled out. It provides several advantages over Ethereum’s ENS, instant name registration, and simple integration with smart-contract based services.

My Ether Wallet/Classic Ether Wallet — Cross-chain security is improving, and easier integration with tokens/DexNS is in the works. Over 8,000 installs of the CEW Chrome Extension with 25 new users a day!

ClassicMask — MetaMask for the Classic network. Now with DexNS support!

Phoenix Project — Community-created branding guidelines (and a sweet-looking mascot) are nearly finalized. An announcement is coming soon.

For the techies

Callisto — Ethereum Commonwealth is planning to design and launch a new Classic testnet called “Callisto” where new features can be tested. Yohan Graterol is heading this project.

SputnikVM — Used for testing new Classic contracts, written in Rust, with planned features to make development easier. It’s been updated with better support for the Truffle Framework and RPC calls to aid debugging. The more technical details are covered at Wei Tang’s wonderful blog.

For the blockchain

ECIP-1017 — With this fork ETC will have a stable coin supply. Going live around December 12th.

ECIP-1035 — Stealth addresses to keep transactions private, just like a bank account or credit card. This builds upon ECIP-1025 which provides for RingCT/zkSNARKs-style transactions.

So there you have it, all that’s new in Classic in the past 2 months. Delivered by our 3 development teams, ETCDEV, Ethereum Commonwealth, and IOHK. And this is just the new announcements, for even more recent Classic goodness check out my previous article.

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