Stand up from the crowd

May 19, 2017 by Prophet Daniel

A take on radicalism and diplomacy

Radicalism is often seen as a bad thing when in essence it is good. In latin radix means root, therefore being radical means going to the root cause of the matter and taking action to improve it. In the other hand diplomacy is mostly seen as a good thing, mainly because people naturally understand that a diplomatic person is skilled and tactful in dealing with sensitive matters or people.

So being radical and diplomatic at the same time is possible as there is no conflict with these values. Ethereum Classic is radical in preserving the truth and diplomatic keeping community united for a greater cause.

Radicalism is also evident in Bitcoin community where cypherpunks were radical about creating the peer to peer electronic cash system confining trust rather on cryptography than in the government competence.

In cryptography we trust. Fiat money’s value reflects the government competence to give it value.

Being mostly radical and against the use of force at the same time is a tendency to be anarchist. Most people actually are, but they just don’t realize.

Anarchism and power centralization

Nature itself is mostly anarchist.

Individuals take actions when they strongly feel about a cause.

That is naturally decentralized too. Centralization is actually a recent invention in anthropology. Men didn’t know they were parents in the past and women were perceived as divine creatures with the gift to generate life. Once men started to understand that those were their kids, private property was established generating the fundamental spark for the advent of centralization. Then family hierarchy and powerful heritages being passed to next generations started to change the landscape so rapidly mainly because power started to centralize. As a result, wars started to happen more often and peace became more difficult to settle.

If you don’t fight for your clan you are a deserter and deserves to die.

The power centralized in the hands of few people increases the chances that more lies will be spread to better picture their own interests. To minimize the effect of power being wasted in vain, technology can be used for example to not tolerate lies to be easily spread by ruling parties. Unfortunately, in the 21th century, humanity still has plenty of ideologies out there posing great barriers to make a real positive difference. I trully believe that ideologies can be greatly reduced with technologies like the Blockchain.

Ideology is a lie told in a beautiful way.

A world of so many lies

Why are those people going to war? They are protecting women, human rights, they are fighting for freedom and so on.

A lot of people often say. In reality, they are making war for keeping and making the most powerful people even wealthier. So the great opportunity for the Blockchain first is telling the right history in such a way it can’t be rewritten. The wining party won’t be able to transform reality into a heroic tale.

Immutability, my friends!

We are in a special moment in history, never in the past we had as much available human intelligence (7 billion people) and computing power we currently have today. The question is how can we improve the efficiency of the available human intelligence?

Immutability is instrumental in preserving the truth and it is also the main value for the insurgence of Ethereum Classic against Ethereum foundation. Once truth is preserved it becomes less hard to control our own existence. The reason is historic truth allows that future generations be able to process cause and effect in a better way with greater processing power than we actually have. So they can set better control mechanisms to make sure sustainable development goals are going to be reached faster and that the mankind is going to be good in essence not evil.

Social and Financial Value

How to reduce hypocrisy in the social and financial area? Some might ask.

All major companies are social and financial power houses.

C’mon we know it is not true. There are solid metrics already available today to measure not only the financial but also the social impact a company has. And the evolution of that can be recorded live to the Blockchain. It then becomes natural to account for reaction of company’s maneuvers. This is radical in the sense that instead of just an empty beautiful speech, real impact is measured, recorded and controlled within the desired range by society.

Sooner or later mankind will also be responsible to drive human genetics evolution artificially. But for that not having terrible outcomes, the truth needs to prevail. So lets record it live in a decentralized way were no player has enough power to cheat the network.

Invitation for engagement

Stand up from the crowd, do your homework, become more conscious about the challenges and opportunities the world current faces. And let us shape the future of the Blockchain together. Ethereum Classic has a revolutionary technology and can be a disruptive decentralized community as no other. Fight for this cause, let us lead the technology revolution!

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