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ETC Weekly Newsletter : ETC Meetup in London + The New Team

Carlo V

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Hi everyone, thank you for checking out this week's ETC newsletter! Big shout out and many thanks to all the developers, miners, community members, user's and investors. The monetary policy meetup in London was excellent, special thanks to our panelists, Splix, Snaproll, Avtar and Eversheds LLP who hosted the event. I'm happy to let everyone know that it was professionally recorded so footage of the event will be released soon. Also featured in this week's newsletter is the official introduction of the new IOHK dev team dubbed "The Grothendieck Team". We are still keeping the monetary policy update from previous newsletters since it's still the focus of many discussions throughout the community. Some new media that just came out recently is the new ETC newspaper updated daily "ETC.today", it's a pleasure to read and I really recommend checking it out. We also have an article from Aaron van Wirdum of Bitcoin Magazine, another article from Dr. Seberino and FTreporter.com. Thank you for taking the time to read and distribute this newsletter, looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

ETC monetary policy meetup was excellent!

The event organized by Dr. Avtar Sehra London which took place on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 was excellent. The Event was hosted by one of the leading financial services law firms, Eversheds LLP, at their London St. Pauls Head Quarters. The focus of the event was to provide an update on the activity in the ETC community so far and what the future holds in terms of projected roadmap. The topics covered during the presentation included:

  • An update on what has happened so far in the ETC Ecosystem.
  • A presentation by ETC dev "Splix".
  • A presentation by "Snaproll", author of the monetary policy proposal ECIP-1017
  • Planned monetary policy hard fork and why it matters.
  • Panel discussion on monetary policy, economics and the future of cryptocurrency.

The event was professionally recorded so expect some great media of the event coming out soon.

Introducing The Grothendieck Team

It’s my pleasure to officially announce the new team known as The Grothendieck Team! The team has been named after Alexander Grothendieck, a German-born French mathematician who became a leading figure in the creation of modern algebraic geometry. They have been committed to Ethereum Classic by IOHK in order to build a Scala client for ETC based on IOHK’s Scorex framework. Plans are in place to bring the team on “Let’s Talk ETC!” to discuss the roadmap and development timeframe for ETC in 2017 (after they have properly reviewed the ETC documentation). Links to the IOHK website, Scorex page, Let’s Talk ETC! youtube channel and ETC blog are posted below.

Also, we would love to know more about how the community would like to get updates from the new ETC developers. Please let us know what you might like to see moving forward, post your thoughts in the brainstorming thread below or contact us on Slack, Twitter or Facebook.

ETC Monetary Policy

ETC Monetary Policy Proposal by @snaproll is now officially out as ECIP-1017 "This ECIP proposes a solution to the Ethereum Classic Monetary Policy to adjust, with finality, the current emission schedule implementation of 14.0625ETC per block in perpetuity. The solution proposed introduces a theoretical upper bound on the maximum absolute number of ETC and introduces a method of degraded emission over time. In addition, this ECIP describes the requirements associated with maintaining this emission schedule through a potential change of the network’s consensus algorithm, from its currentEthash based Proof of Work to a possible POS or POW/POS hybrid model." Please see the full post from github and reddit at the links below.

Check out ETC.today!

Ethereum Classic Today! Your daily hit of ETC, Bitcoin, blockchain news and updates.

Article from Aaron van Wirdum of Bitcoin Magazine.

"Ethereum Classic Forges New Path; Revamped Monetary Policy Could Be Next."

Article about blockchain vs standard web by Dr. Seberino.

"Why Would I Choose To Run My Application On Ethereum Classic Instead Of The World Wide Web?"

Article from FT Reporter about running smart contracts.

"Ethereum Classic: designed to run smart contracts."

Let's talk ETC! Tuesdays at 7:30pm EST.

Every Tuesday at 7:30pm EST we will be discussing what's going on in the ETC community and beyond. Last week's show (12-06-16) featured a special guest from the ETC investment community. We discussed investment related topics as well as blockchain in general. A link to the channel/show will be posted below, if you have ideas or questions please let us know. Thank you for subscribing to our latest updates and announcements!

"Call To Action" still in effect. Looking for community contributions for the ETC Wikipedia page.

Reddit user "bitp" has brought it to the communities attention that the "Ethereum Classic" Wikipedia link currently redirects to "Ethereum". ETC community member /u/FaceDeer was previously a Wikipedia editor and has provided some insight on what should be done moving forward. One of his recommendations is that we start the process by adding to the Ethereum Classic section that is currently on the Ethereum Wikipedia page. ETC can then be given its own page after volunteers have submitted enough info. Please see his full post in the reddit thread linked below.

Community Metrics

  • Twitter - 33.5K followers.
  • Reddit /r/EthereumClassic - 2,887 subscribers.
  • Slack - 1,556 users.
  • Telegram - 785 users.
  • WeChat - 475 users.
  • Miners - 807.95 Total GH/s

Top 5 miners by average hashrate from the previous 7 days.

  • EtherMine 221.04 GH/s
  • NanoPool 169.65 GH/s
  • 91pool 91.85 GH/s
  • F2pool 52.47 GH/s
  • Coinotron 37.18 GH/s
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