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2018/03/15 Christian Seberino

A Walk Through Ethereum Classic Digital Signature Code

Ethereum Classic (ETC) digital signatures secure transactions. These involve elliptic curve cryptography and the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA). I will…

2018/03/14 Bob Summerwill, Analysis In Chains

Interview with Bob Summerwill from Sweetbridge

2018/03/12 Anthony (pyskell)

ETC Roundup — What’s new this week (3/12/18)!

Read this article on Medium (looks nicer) Circle Invest will carry ETC Goldman Sach’s answer to Coinbase will allow for the trading of ETC/USD as first reported by CCN (not CNN…

2018/03/12 Anthony Lusardi, Ethereum Classic Cooperative

ETC Roundup— What’s new this week (3/12/18)

2018/03/08 Bob Summerwill, Ethereum Community Coference

A Call for an End to Tribalism in Ethereum

2018/03/08 Josiah Wilmoth, Crypto Coins News

Circle Invest supports ETC/USD trading pairs

2018/03/06 Anthony (pyskell)

ETC Rundown — What’s new this week (3/6/18)!

Read this article on Medium (looks nicer) Wanted to give everyone a quick rundown of what ETC has been up to this week. There’s been a flurry of news about the Callisto airdrop and…

2018/03/06 Anthony Lusardi, Ethereum Classic Cooperative

ETC Rundown — What’s new this week (3/6/18)!

2018/03/02 pyskell (Anthony)

Long Term Outlook for Ethereum Classic

Read this article on Medium (looks nicer) Lately there’s been a lot of speculation about ETC, the price is rising, the Callisto airdrop is happening, and Crypto Twitter is tweeting…

2018/02/22 Christian Seberino

On Ethereum Classic Mining Rewards With The New Monetary Policy

Ethereum Classic (ETC) mining rewards changed with the new monetary policy. I will discuss these changes and their effects. New Formula ETC miners are rewarded for adding valid…

2018/02/17 Anthony Lusardi, Ethereum Classic Cooperative

Long Term Outlook for Ethereum Classic

2018/02/14 Christian Seberino

Why Multisig Smart Contracts Will Likely Take Over Ethereum Classic & The World

Multisig smart contracts will likely be the dominant smart contract type in the future. The security and other benefits are that compelling. I will describe these smart contract…

2018/02/07 Anthony Lusardi, Ethereum Classic Cooperative

Beyond the Decentralized Chain

2018/01/31 Christian Seberino

A Simple Interpretation Of The Ethereum Classic Mining Difficulty Parameter

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) mining difficulty parameter may seem mysterious to some. I will show it has a beautiful easy to understand interpretation. Background Some ETC network…

2018/01/26 Christian Seberino

Implicit Ethereum Classic Blockchain Information

To the beginner, some necessary information may appear to be missing from the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain. This information is implicitly contained in the blockchain which…

2018/01/12 Cody Burns, ETC Dev

Simple Locking Contracts: Part 2

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