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List of Ethereum Classic related media; news links to external sites

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2019/04/25 Robert Johnson, Crypto Daily

Updates On Ethereum Classic Network Revealed By Developer

2018/05/30 Conor Maloney, Ethereum World News

Ethereum Classic [ETC] Hard Fork Defuses Difficulty Bomb

2018/05/30 Thomas Ramsay, Crypto Daily

Ethereum Classic Hard Fork Proves To Be A Lifesaver

2018/04/30 ETCDev, Ethereum Classic Dev

A Joint Statement on Ethereum Classic’s Monetary Policy

2017/03/08 Joseph Young, Coin Telegram

Hard, Soft, Friendly? Zooko Wilcox on Hard Forks

2017/01/13 Aaron van Wirdum, Bitcoin Magazine, Nasdaq

Ethereum Classic Hard Forks; Diffuses 'Difficulty Bomb'

2016/12/14 Rob Viglione, Steem It

Ethereum Classic Gets More Interesting

2016/08/01 Paul Vigna, The Wall Street Journal

‘New’ Ethereum Vs. Ethereum ‘Classic’

2016/07/29 Alyssa Hertig, Coin Desk

Rise of Replay Attacks Intensifies Ethereum Divide

2016/07/26 Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Foundation

Onward from the Hard Fork

2016/07/22 Péter Szilágyi, Ethereum Foundation

Hive: How we strived for a clean fork

2016/07/20 Aaron Van Wirdum, Bitcoin Magazine

Here's Why Ethereum Classic Project Continues on the Original Chain

2016/07/20 Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Foundation

Hard Fork Completed

2016/07/15 Jeffrey Wilcke, Ethereum Foundation

To fork or not to fork

2016/06/28 Felix Lange, Ethereum Foundation

Security Alert – DoS Vulnerability in the Soft Fork

2016/06/24 Péter Szilágyi, Ethereum Foundation

DAO Wars: Your voice on the soft-fork dilemma

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