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2019/12/27 ETC Discord

The Summary of the Gas-Limit Configuration Call from 12/27/2019

There was an ETC Devs / Miners / Community Call a day ago to talk about options to manage rampant chain bloat, which is on the ETC mainnet at the moment and is being caused by…

2018/02/22 Christian Seberino

On Ethereum Classic Mining Rewards With The New Monetary Policy

Ethereum Classic (ETC) mining rewards changed with the new monetary policy. I will discuss these changes and their effects. New Formula ETC miners are rewarded for adding valid…

2018/01/31 Christian Seberino

A Simple Interpretation Of The Ethereum Classic Mining Difficulty Parameter

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) mining difficulty parameter may seem mysterious to some. I will show it has a beautiful easy to understand interpretation. Background Some ETC network…

2017/11/05 Christian Seberino

The Mining Game: Explaining Blockchains

To help people understand blockchains, I have created a blockchain game available here . (The source code is available here .) I will explain the game rules and the user…

2017/05/01 Christian Seberino

Why You Should LOVE Proof Of Stake Systems — Hybrids!

Proof of work systems are widely used and have been thoroughly scrutinized. There is concern that funds will be at risk if proof of work systems are replaced with proof of stake…

2017/02/10 Christian Seberino

Why Ethereum Classic Uses An Incorrect SHA3 Implementation

SHA3 Description The Secure Hash Algorithm 3 (SHA3) functions are referred to as SHA3-224, SHA3-256 and SHA3-512. The hash sizes are the same as SHA2. Therefore, SHA3 can easily…