ETC Cooperative contributes Ethercluster to Hyperledger Labs

2019.12.23 Bob Summerwill

23rd Devember 2019 – Vancouver, Canada – The ETC Cooperative today announced that the Ethercluster project has been contributed to Hyperledger Labs to bring this key Ethereum infrastructure project to a broader audience.


Ethercluster uses Kubernetes, Terraform and Docker to host a cluster of Ethereum client nodes serving JSON-RPC endpoints. These clusters can be dynamically scaled.

The ETC Cooperative hosts instances of Ethercluster as a public service for developer onboarding for the following chains:

  • ETC Mainnet
  • ETC Mordor POW testnet
  • ETC Kotti POA testnet
  • ETH Gorli POA testnet

Ethercluster is equally useful for public permissionless chains like ETH and ETC or for permissioned chains such as those following the "Enterprise Ethereum" specifications developed by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). Instructions on how to set up further instances of Ethercluster are available in the developer documentation.

Ethercluster is the crown jewel of ETC Cooperative's development efforts. All credit for its creation lies with Yaz Khoury, our Director of Developer Relations.


This is the second contribution to Hyperledger from ETC Cooperative, following ETC support for Hyperledger Besu, which was upstreamed earlier this month.

ETC support for Hyperledger Besu is an ongoing commitment, with a second batch of changes pending to add support for the forthcoming ETC Aztlán hardfork. Edward Mack of ChainSafe, who implemented the ETC support in Hyperledger Besu on behalf of the ETC Cooperative was added as a Maintainer in recognition of his work.

About ETC Cooperative

The ETC Cooperative is a Delaware-incorporated 501(c)(3) public charity, which seeks to accelerate the growth of Ethereum Classic.

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