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Site Map

An overview of all the pages in the currently selected language.

Development /development

Technical resources for Ethereum Classic covering development, mining and network status

Clients /development/clients

Download links for various Ethereum Classic clients and deployment tools

Contribute /development/contribute

A summary of the Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposal (ECIP) process

Developer Tools /development/developer-tools

A collection of tools to enhance the Ethereum Classic application development experience

Development Guides /development/guides

Get started with Ethereum Classic development by following development tutorials

Mining Resources /development/mining-resources

A selection of Ethereum Classic compatible mining software and mining pools

Network Resources /development/network-resources

EVM references, gas fee estimators, monitors and faucets for Ethereum Classic mainnet and testnet

Porting /development/porting

Useful tools for developers who have a currently running dApp on ETH or another chain to deploy on ETC.

Ecosystem /ecosystem

Ethereum Classic projects, applications, protocol, wallets, exchanges, social media, and more

Apps and Protocols /ecosystem/apps-and-protocols

A collection of dapps, applications and protocols built on top of Ethereum Classic

Exchanges /ecosystem/exchanges

A list of centralized and trust-minimized exchanges, DEXs, and payment processors that support ETC

Social Channels /ecosystem/social-channels

A collection of Ethereum Classic chat rooms, twitter accounts, discussion groups, forums, podcasts, repositories and regional websites

Development Teams /ecosystem/teams

A list of major organizations that previously or are currently contributing to Ethereum Classic

Wallets /ecosystem/wallets

A source of web wallets, extensions, software wallets, hardware wallets, and other ways to secure ETC

Knowledge Base /knowledge

General information and explainers about various Ethereum Classic history and concepts

FAQs /knowledge/faqs

Frequently Asked Questions about Ethereum Classic

Investor Resources /knowledge/investor

Resources for investors looking to learn more about ETC.

Roadmap /knowledge/roadmap

An overview of Ethereum Classic's origins, history and future development roadmap

Theory /knowledge/theory

Links to articles covering a range of Ethereum Classic economics and philosophy topics

What is Ethereum Classic? /knowledge/what-is-etc

A beginner's guide to Ethereum Classic (ETC); what it is and how to get it

Press /press

Information and resources related to the promotion of Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic Summit /press/conferences

Videos from the Ethereum Classic summits 2017, 2018 and 2019

Media Kit /press/media-kit

A collection graphics that can be used to promote Ethereum Classic

Site Map /sitemap

Overview of all the pages on the Ethereum Classic website.

Blog /blog

Latest Ethereum Classic news articles and announcements

Agharta Finalization Core Devs Call /blog/2019-12-10-ecip-1056-finalization

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, 1pm UTC, an Ethereum Classic Core Devs call will be held to determine the final block selection for Agharta.

The Summary of the Gas-Limit Configuration Call from 12/27/2019 /blog/2019-12-27-gas-limit-call

There was a call on discord discussing limiting ETC's block gas limit

News /news

Blog articles and news links from all over the internet pertaining to Ethereum Classic

Media /news/media

List of Ethereum Classic related media; news links to external sites