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2018/05/15 Stevan Lohja, ETC Dev

Ethereum Classic Geth — v5.3.0 | Geth Update

2018/05/13 Phyro, Medium

The DAO is History… or is it?

2018/05/11 Anthony Lusardi, Ethereum Classic Cooperative


2018/05/09 Stevan Lohja, ETC Dev

Ethereum Classic Geth — v5.2.1 | Geth Update

2018/05/05 Cody Burns, ETC Dev

Continuity for an Augmented world

2018/05/02 Stevan Lohja, ETC Dev

April 2018 | Monthly Dev Update

2018/05/01 Saturn, Saturn Network

Announcing Radex: Decentralized ERC223 Exchange

2018/04/30 ETCDev, Ethereum Classic Development Team

ETCDEV Team Principles and Vision

2018/04/30 ETCDev, Ethereum Classic Dev

A Joint Statement on Ethereum Classic’s Monetary Policy

2018/04/27 Crypto IQ, Crypto Daily

War On ASICs Might Not Be The Solution

2018/04/11 Christian Seberino

The Ethereum Classic Blockchain Is INCOMPLETE & Why That Is OK

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain does not contain all the necessary state information for the ETC system to operate. It does not even implicitly contain all that is needed…

2018/04/06 Cody Burns, ETC Dev

ETC in a Post-ASIC resistant world

2018/04/05 Christian Seberino

An Introduction To Tries

I will describe tries and explain why they are so important. Introduction Tries are used extensively in blockchain systems and elsewhere. They are tree structures that represent…

2018/04/03 Anthony Lusardi, Ethereum Classic Cooperative

ETC Community Update — Funding, Messaging, and New Web Wallet

2018/03/26 Anthony Lusardi, Ethereum Classic Cooperative

ETC Roundup — ETCDEV Hires and Software Updates

2018/03/19 Anthony Lusardi (pyskell)

ETC Roundup — What’s happened last week (3/19/18)!

Read this article on Medium (looks nicer) SputnikVM to Manage Satellite Data The news is very new, so we’re waiting for more information but the reality for satellite data right…

2018/03/19 Christian Seberino

Ethereum Classic Recursive Length Prefix Encoding

Ethereum Classic (ETC) uses Recursive Length Prefix (RLP) encoding to store and send data structures. I will describe RLP and how it is used in ETC. Introduction Serialization is…

2018/03/19 Anthony Lusardi, Ethereum Classic Cooperative

ETC Roundup — What happened last week (3/19/18)

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