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2018/08/07 Robert Johnson, Crypto Daily

Ethereum Classic Achieves New Listing

2018/08/03 Stevan Lohja, ETC Dev

July 2018 | Monthly Dev Update

2018/08/01 Classic Is Coming, Classic Is Coming

ETCGame - The Leading Platform for Predictions

2018/07/28 Anthony Lusardi, Learn Crypto / Wyckoff SMI

Ethereum Classic Interview With ETC Cooperative! What is the Future of $ETC?

2018/07/20 Saturn, Saturn Network

How to write secure smart contracts?

2018/07/19 ETC Labs, Ethereum Classic Labs

A New Look for ETC Labs

2018/07/17 Ethereum Classic Cooperative, Epicenter Podcast

Anthony Lusardi: Accelerating the Growth of ETC

2018/07/11 Neuron, Saturn Network

Advantages of ERC223 tokens

2018/07/09 Aidan Hyman, ChainSafe

[email protected]:~$ ./

2018/07/03 Stevan Lohja, ETC Dev

June 2018 | Monthly Dev Update

2018/06/23 Saturn Network, Coin Telegraph

Saturn Network Launch First Decentralized Exchange On ETC

2018/06/22 Adrian Mathieu, Ethereum World News

Saturn Wallet – Access Dapps on ETH and ETC

2018/06/22 ETC Labs, Ethereum Classic Labs

An Introduction to Ethereum Classic Labs

2018/06/14 Nathan Bentley, Crypto Daily

Ripple, Stellar And Ethereum Classic All Approved

2018/06/13 Anthony Lusardi, Ethereum Classic Cooperative

Why Did Coinbase List ETC?

2018/06/11 Stevan Lohja, ETC Dev

May 2018 | Monthly Dev Update

2018/05/31 Bob Summerwill, ChronoLogic

Scaling the Heart of the Ethereum Community

2018/05/30 Conor Maloney, Ethereum World News

Ethereum Classic [ETC] Hard Fork Defuses Difficulty Bomb

2018/05/30 Thomas Ramsay, Crypto Daily

Ethereum Classic Hard Fork Proves To Be A Lifesaver

2018/05/29 Igor Artamonov

Defuse Difficulty Bomb Hard Fork Upgrade

ECIP 1041 - Remove Difficulty Bomb Abstract This ECIP proposes removing Difficulty Bomb from Ethereum Classic Mainnet at block…

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