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2018/05/30 Conor Maloney, Ethereum World News

Ethereum Classic [ETC] Hard Fork Defuses Difficulty Bomb

2018/05/30 Thomas Ramsay, Crypto Daily

Ethereum Classic Hard Fork Proves To Be A Lifesaver

2018/05/29 Igor Artamonov

Defuse Difficulty Bomb Hard Fork Upgrade

ECIP 1041 - Remove Difficulty Bomb Abstract This ECIP proposes removing Difficulty Bomb from Ethereum Classic Mainnet at block…

2018/04/30 ETCDev, Ethereum Classic Dev

A Joint Statement on Ethereum Classic’s Monetary Policy

2017/12/11 Matthew Mazur

Gotham Hard Fork Upgrade - 5M20 Era2

ECIP 1017: Monetary Policy and Final Modification to the Ethereum Classic Emission Schedule Abstract This ECIP proposes a solution…

2017/03/08 Joseph Young, Coin Telegram

Hard, Soft, Friendly? Zooko Wilcox on Hard Forks

2017/01/17 Carlo V

ETC Weekly Newsletter : Die Hard Fork Update Successful!

Links To Our Community ETC Website ETC Reddit ETC Today ETC Twitter ETC Facebook ETC Slack ETC Development Report Hi everyone, thank you for checking out this week's ETC newsletter…

2017/01/13 Aaron van Wirdum, Bitcoin Magazine, Nasdaq

Ethereum Classic Hard Forks; Diffuses 'Difficulty Bomb'

2016/12/14 Rob Viglione, Steem It

Ethereum Classic Gets More Interesting

2016/12/04 Arvicco

ETC End of Year and Monetary Policy Event: London, December 13th

Please join us! ETC End of Year and Monetary Policy Event The Event is hosted by one of the leading financial services law firms, Eversheds LLP, at their London St. Pauls Head…

2016/10/31 Carlos Graterol

Instead of The Halvening, A Tithing for ETC

Since the beginning of the formation of the Ethereum Classic community, users, developers, miners, and traders have been pondering about a change in monetary policy for ETC. Though…

2016/10/17 Arvicco

Gas Reprice Hard Fork on ETC block 2,500,000 (October 25)

During the last week, both Ethereum and Ethereum Classic were hit by a series of attacks that took advantage of inadequately low gas cost for certain computational operations. The…

2016/10/14 Christian Seberino

Why Another Hard Fork To Deal With The Recent Denial Of Service Attack Spam Shouldn't Be Controversial

Introduction Hard forks are incompatible changes to systems. Hard forks have caused more grief than probably anything else in the history of blockchains. Additional hard forks are…

2016/10/13 Christian Seberino

Ethereum / Classic Denial Of Service Attacks & The Estonian Cyberwar

I will discuss denial of service (DOS) attacks in general and give details regarding the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic attacks. Estonian Cyberwar Estonia is known as "the most…

2016/10/11 Christian Seberino

Navajo Indians Help Explain Ethereum / Classic Replay Attacks

I will explain replay attacks in general and how to protect yourself.  I will give specifics regarding the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic replay attacks.   Navajo Code Talkers…

2016/09/18 ProphetDaniel

The Invisible Field

Inspiration You might not see it. But it is there quite active and performing a vital role! Ethereum Classic community, with a clean and inspired mind we will perform greatly in…

2016/09/09 Arvicco

Code is Law and the Quest for Justice

People keep repeating the phrase "Code is Law" without clear understanding of what it's supposed to mean. Some deliberately misinterpret it to mean that "ETC supports thieves and…

2016/08/14 DaxClassix

New Website Created

Hello, Classic Fans! We've launched a new website to replace the old one. If you'd like to contribute to its content, fix errors, write a blog article, feel…

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