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2017/03/13 Christian Seberino

Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin Discusses The New Viper Smart Contract Programming Language

I recently discussed the new Viper smart contract programming language with Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin. Viper is similar to Python and provides more features and protections than…

2017/03/12 ETCC, Ethereum Classic Consortium


2017/03/12 ETCC, Ethereum Classic Consortium

A Joint Statement on Ethereum Classic’s Monetary Policy

2017/02/28 Christian Seberino

How To Create A Censorship Resistant Domain Name System On Ethereum Classic

Introduction The Domain Name System (DNS) maps domains to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Governments, corporations and other entities have attempted to censor this system for…

2017/02/10 Christian Seberino

Why Bloom Filters Are So Cool (+ Useful!) For Blockchains & Beyond: An Introduction

The Problem Millions of people search the Internet, government databases, private databases and blockchains everyday for medical advice, financial updates, weather reports, maps…

2017/02/10 Christian Seberino

Hashes: An Introduction & Why They Are Foundational To The Internet & Blockchains

"The phrase 'one-way hash function' might sound arcane and geeky, but hash functions are the workhorses of modern cryptography." — Bruce Schneier Hash Functions Hash functions are…

2017/02/10 Christian Seberino

Why Ethereum Classic Uses An Incorrect SHA3 Implementation

SHA3 Description The Secure Hash Algorithm 3 (SHA3) functions are referred to as SHA3-224, SHA3-256 and SHA3-512. The hash sizes are the same as SHA2. Therefore, SHA3 can easily…

2017/02/10 Christian Seberino

Proposal: Ethereum Classic Currency And Logo Conventions To Improve Communication And Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Proposal Here are some proposed Ethereum Classic (ETC) conventions to improve communication and avoid expensive mistakes: Refer to the currency as "ETC". Avoid the term "ether…

2017/02/10 Christian Seberino

Serpent: Introduction To The BEST Ethereum Classic Smart Contract Language

Serpent is a smart contract language based on Python. Python is arguably the best language for beginning programmers, and, the most productive language for serious developers…

2017/01/24 Prophet Daniel

Ethereum Classic Harmony

Ethereum Classic Harmony Launch - - Our friends from are proud to announce the release of Ethereum Harmony also available for ETC chain. Great job, cheers! Wine Art…

2016/12/06 Christian Seberino

Why Would I Choose To Run My Application On Ethereum / Classic Instead Of The World Wide Web?

Benefits Over The World Wide Web The World Wide Web is one of the most successful software systems in history. It is a mature and widely supported platform for nearly all…

2016/11/23 Christian Seberino

The Skinny On Smart Contracts: An Introduction & Why You Should Care

Introduction Smart contracts, as defined by Nick Szabo, are computer systems that manage assets. Assets include money, votes, passports and reputation. Examples of smart contracts…

2016/09/07 Anthony Di Iorio, Jaxx Wallet

Jaxx Blockchain Wallet Now Supports Ethereum Classic!

2016/08/04 Rebecca Campbell, Crypto Coins News

Ethereum Classic Credits Will Soon Be Available on Coinbase

2016/07/24 Arvicco

ETC exchange trading and other news

News update Ethereum Classic is starting to make some serious waves. With a surprise announcement of ETC trading on Poloniex , it immediately became trader's favorite. ETC/BTC is…

2016/07/15 Jeffrey Wilcke, Ethereum Foundation

To fork or not to fork

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