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2016/09/09 Arvicco

Code is Law and the Quest for Justice

People keep repeating the phrase "Code is Law" without clear understanding of what it's supposed to mean. Some deliberately misinterpret it to mean that "ETC supports thieves and…

2016/09/09 Charles Hoskinson, Steem It

Ethereum Classic: An Update

2016/09/07 Anthony Di Iorio, Jaxx Wallet

Jaxx Blockchain Wallet Now Supports Ethereum Classic!

2016/09/04 David Z. Morris, Fortune

The Bizarre Fallout of Ethereum’s Epic Fail

2016/09/01 Ethereum Classic

CHBTC contributes funds to foster growth of Ethereum Classic

One of the largest crypto-currency exchanges in China, CHBTC , has announced a series of donations to the Ethereum Classic (ETC) project. The donations will provide support to…

2016/08/26 BuriedONE, BuriedONE

Mining Ethereum Classic (ETC) For 24 Hours!

2016/08/21 Charles Bovaird, Coin Desk

Can Two Ethereum Markets Co-Exist?

2016/08/20 Charles Hoskinson, Steem It

Code is Law and Old Testament Gods

2016/08/19 Pete Rizzo, Coin Desk

Ethereum Classic is Starting to Mobilize

2016/08/19 Aaron Van Wirdum, Bitcoin Magazine

Ethereum Classic Community Navigates a Distinct Path to the Future

2016/08/18 Arvicco

Ethereum Classic Kickoff (London)

Congrats to Dr. Avtar Sehra, Dr. Vic Arulchandran and other organizers on a very successful ETC Kickoff in London , and many thanks to Eversheds LLP for sponsorship of the event…

2016/08/17 Charles Hoskinson, Steem It

Thoughts on an Ethereum Classic Roadmap

2016/08/16 ProphetDaniel

Nature Inspired Ethereum Classic Community Dynamics Proposal

Figure 1. Ethereum Classic pulsing community. Source Ethereum Classic Slack #website-design channel Nature Inspired Dynamics For every opportunity presented to Ethereum Classic…

2016/08/16 WhalePanda, Medium

Ethereum: Chain of liars and thieves

2016/08/16 Charles Hoskinson and Alex Chepurnoy, Epicenter Bitcoin

The Case For Ethereum Classic

2016/08/15 Jack Sparrow, Medium

The Robin Hood Group and ETC

2016/08/14 DaxClassix

New Website Created

Hello, Classic Fans! We've launched a new website to replace the old one. If you'd like to contribute to its content, fix errors, write a blog article, feel…

2016/08/13 Ethereum Classic

The Ethereum Classic Declaration of Independence

Let it be known to the entire world that on July 20th, 2016, at block 1,920,000, we as a community of sovereign individuals stood united by a common vision to continue the original…

2016/08/11 ProphetDaniel

Decentralized anarchist governance system

Methodology for reaching improved governance of decentralized anarchist organizations Figure 1 - Source Inside Bitcoins Introduction One of the main problems to be addressed by a…

2016/08/10 ProphetDaniel

Couple Values That Forked Ethereum Broke

"He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom." Gandalf - J.R.R Tolkien Ethereum foundation when hardforked its blockchain broke vital values that…

2016/08/08 Michael del Castillo, Coin Desk

The DAO Hacker is Getting Away

2016/08/07 Joël Valenzuela, Coin Telegraph

Market Viewed Ethereum Fork As Good

2016/08/05 Adam Hayes, Investopedia

Why are There Now Two Ethereums?

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