Knowledge Base

Whether you are just getting started or are a blockchain veteran, this section contains a wealth of resources to help you understand the why and how of Ethereum Classic.

What is ETC? The Basics of Ethereum Classic

This beginner's introduction section will get you up to speed if you are new to Ethereum Classic and blockchain technology.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers common questions about Ethereum Classic with answers and video explainers.

Theory Principles and Philosophy

If you want to understand the motivations behind Ethereum Classic, this section contains resources that will help you understand what ETC is all about.

Roadmap History and Future Development

This section documents Ethereum Classic's colourful history and takes a look at the next stages of it's development.

Investor Resources Resources for ETC Investment Analysis

Resources discussing key theses and relevant information for investors. Useful for those who are looking to understand the value proposition and upside potential of ETC.