Ethereum Classic operates with a vibrant ecosystem of individuals and groups who maintain many different kinds of applications. This section highlights some of the various participants on the Ethereum Classic network.

If you have a project that utilizes the Ethereum Classic network, you can suggest an addition to this section by creating an issue on github.

Apps and Protocols State of the ETC Dapps

Browse some of the decentralised applications launched on Ethereum Classic

Exchanges Where to buy and trade

Ethereum Classic's native currency ETC is one of the most widely available cryptocurrencies. Here is a non-exhaustive list of marketplaces and exchanges where you can source ETC to add to your crypto portfolio.

Wallets Keep your ETC safe

Once you acquire ETC, it's a good idea to move it off an exchange and store it in a wallet that you control. This page contains a selection of wallets that support Ethereum Classic.

Teams Who is working on Classic

Ethereum Classic is a permissionless, open-source project. Similar to the Bitcoin protocol, there is no centralized leadership or foundation in the Ethereum Classic development process. The page lists individuals and teams that have contributed to the Ethereum Classic protocol.

Social Channels Meet fellow participants

There is NO OFFICIAL ANYTHING. Ethereum Classic is an open-source, decentralized project with a global permissionless ecosystem. Ethereum Classic's history is checkered with attempts at social attacks on the Ethereum Classic network and it's assets or commons (e.g.; code repository, website, brand, network history). We see similar social engineering in the Bitcoin ecosystem. It's a negative externality that comes with a truly decentralized project. As there's no official channels, you'll notice Ethereum Classic has a variety of different channels to discuss everything related to ETC. These channels are maintained by ETC participants and usually focus on a specific region or topic. Search the list and join the Ethereum Classic social channels that interest you!