Core Devs Call: Proposal Gathering

2020/08/20 q9f

ETC Core Devs Call - Proposal Gathering

Topic discussion references:

  • proposal gathering and discussion only

ETC Core Devs Call - Proposal Gathering

  • When: Thursday, August 20, 2020, 12pm UTC, 60 minutes max.
  • Where: Ethereum Classic Discord #ecips channel. Will use/create a voice channel ad hoc.


Topic request pulled from development channel:

  • TOP: Network security solutions. 51% Attack approaches.
  • Review Ethereum Berlin for operational parity with Ethereum Classic.
  • Mining Algorithm Discussion: Astor SHA3 Change, RandomX Change, Ethash remains but DAG reduction, Ethash with no change, defer discussions to a later date.
  • Address the remaining blockers to ETC being considered feature complete, start constructing ETC's long term roadmap.
  • Gas Range Discussion: Upper and Lower Bounds
  • Gas limit, backwards compatibility, slower blocks (probably won't happen)
  • Go over any inactive ECIPs, like chainID=π
  • anything else?

Anything else related to an Ethereum Classic Hard Fork

Please comment to add items to the agenda.

Documentation of Core Devs Call

ETC Core Devs Call - Proposal Gathering