Core Devs Call: ECIP-1054 Atlantis Scheduling Call

2019/06/07 soc1c

Intermediate Atlantis Upgrade Scheduling Call

It became apparent that certain parts of the Ethereum Classic community are appreciating an accelerated hardfork schedule. To avoid confusion, rushing protocol upgrades, and putting the network at risk of a potential split, I propose scheduling an intermediate atlantis-upgrade scheduling call to discuss and agree on a realistic timeline for ECIP-1054

ref #79

Intermediate Atlantis Upgrade Scheduling Call

You can stream the call and chat and ask questions on Youtube Livestream. If you want access to the Hangouts to chat via voice, you'll need to message @soc1c or @YazzyYaz for a link to that. Due to limit on voice call attendees by Google, we ask that only those who are interested in using voice to ask for the invite to the Hangouts.


Quick client teams check-in

  • Geth / Multi-Geth
  • Parity Ethereum
  • IOHK Mantis

Discuss timeline for the protocol upgrade

  • Morden Classic and Kotti Classic testnet
  • Ethereum Classic mainnet

There are two competing proposals right now, I will give them letters, and propose a 3rd as a compromise:

  • [A] Original ECIP-1054 schedule
    • 1_039_000 on Kotti Classic PoA-testnet (early August 2019)
    • 4_723_000 on Morden Classic PoW-testnet (early August 2019)
    • 8_750_000 on Ethereum Classic PoW-mainnet (mid-September 2019)
  • [B] ETCLabs "July 1st" schedule
    • N/A on Kotti Classic PoA-testnet
    • immediately on Morden Classic PoW-testnet (early June 2019)
    • 8_343_000 on Ethereum Classic PoW-mainnet (July 1st 2019)
  • [C] Moderately accelerated schedule
    • 716_617 on Kotti Classic PoA-testnet (two weeks from now)
    • 4_729_274 on Morden Classic PoW-testnet (two weeks from now)
    • 8_500_000 on Ethereum Classic PoW-mainnet (six weeks after successfull testnet forks)

Please comment to add items to the agenda

Intermediate Atlantis Upgrade Scheduling Call