ETC Weekly Newsletter: New all time highs as ETC surges!

2017/04/19 Carlo V

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ETC Development Report

ETCDev Team: Weekly Report

  • Two new developers joined the team, Wei Tang @sorpaas and Isaac Ardis @ia

  • (Emerald) Signing transactions

  • (Emerald) New key generation

  • (Emerald) Gas estimation

  • (Emerald) Contract creation

  • (Emerald) Ability to run as desktop app

  • (SputnikVM) Most of operations are implemented now

  • ETCDEV Team has been working closely with the Ethereum Classic community, and wants to direct attention to the fact that part of the progress mentioned above was made by community members. We want to say special thanks to community members who also contributed this week; elaineo and gagarin55.

  • Recording of the Grothendieck Team meeting from April 18th, 2017.


The other stories featured in this newsletter are listed below:

Also, now that monetary policy discussion has come to a close I would like to announce some ideas for more organized discussion on the following topics

  • Marketing Mondays: Marketing centric discussion and ideas.
  • Funding Talk Tuesdays: Funding centric debate and discussion.
  • Dapper Devs Wednesdays: Dapp and development centric discussion.
  • Think About It Thursdays: How can we accomplish what was discussed during the week.
  • Free For All Fridays: Brainstorm/community questions/discussion open to anything.

ETC surges!

ETC has pushed upwards to new all time highs and is now near $300 million market capitalization.

DAO withdraw contract extended.

The ‘White Hat Group’ has extended the DAO withdraw contract t0 2018.

Smart lottery....

Check out Dexarans' smart lottery post on reddit.

Let’s Talk ETC #14

Let’s Talk ETC #14 with Joel Dietz aka ‘fractastical’.

Conservative vs progressive blockchains?

Interesting tweet on ‘conservative’ vs ‘progressive’ blockchains.

Tai Zen discusses ETC with Carlos G

Ethereum Classic For Investors #16 - Difference Between ETC Dev vs. IOHK Developers - By Tai Zen.

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Ethereum Classic is looking for Rust & JS developers.

Igor aka Splix is looking for talented Rust and JS developers. Full time, remote. Experienced developers, which can lead projects, make architectural decisions and help other team members to do their job. Self motivated and able to work in a distributed team on Open Source software together with the community.

"Call To Action" still in effect. Looking for community contributions for the ETC Wikipedia page.

Reddit user "bitp" has brought it to the communities attention that the "Ethereum Classic" Wikipedia link currently redirects to "Ethereum". ETC community member /u/FaceDeer was previously a Wikipedia editor and has provided some insight on what should be done moving forward. One of his recommendations is that we start the process by adding to the Ethereum Classic section that is currently on the Ethereum Wikipedia page. ETC can then be given its own page after volunteers have submitted enough info. Please see his full post in the reddit thread linked below.

Community Metrics

  • Twitter - 33.7K followers.
  • Reddit /r/EthereumClassic - 3,284 subscribers.
  • Slack - 2,545 users.
  • WeChat - 482 users.
  • Miners - 947.15 Total GH/s

Top 5 miners by average hashrate from the previous 7 days.

  • EtherMine 350.07 GH/s
  • NanoPool 153.54 GH/s
  • MiningPoolHub 139.73 GH/s
  • F2Pool 118.63 GH/s
  • coinotron 27.54 GH/s