ETC Weekly Newsletter : Monetary Policy Statement.

2017/03/02 Carlo V

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Biggest story from the past week is a statement released in reference to ETC monetary policy. Additionally, since the community united and moved forward, Grayscale has announced that the ETC Trust is a go. March is shaping up to be an insanely great month for ETC and blockchain in general. Also in the news is a new ETCdev Team website that is up and running as well as another weekly meeting from IOHK's Grothendieck team.

The other stories featured in this newsletter are listed below:*

Treasury proposal released by IOHK.

Treasury proposal has just been released by IOHK. Please voice your thoughts, opinions, and commentary.

ETC on new exchange.

Chinese exchange lists ETC.

Article from Philip Daian

How I learned to stop worrying and love ETC.

Article about IOHK's Grothendieck team.

IOHK's project lead on hitting the ground running with the Grothendieck team.

Article from Dr. Seberino.

An Interview With The Anonymous Individual That Started Ethereum Classic

Charles Hoskinson: Some Thoughts on ETC

Blog post by Charles Hoskinson discussing ETC monetary policy, the treasury proposal and other topics.

New unicode proposal.

Dr. Seberino found some gold when he was digging around looking at some of the unicode symbols, let us know what you guys think.

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Let's talk ETC! Tuesdays at 7:30pm EST.

Every Tuesday at 7:30pm EST we will be discussing what's going on in the ETC community and beyond. The previous show (2-08-17), featured special guest Alan McSherry, who is the project lead of IOHK's Grothendieck Team. A link to the channel will be posted below, if you have ideas or questions please let us know. Thank you for subscribing to our latest updates and announcements!

Ethereum Classic is looking for Rust & JS developers.

Igor aka Splix is looking for talented Rust and JS developers. Full time, remote. Experienced developers, which can lead projects, make architectural decisions and help other team members to do their job. Self motivated and able to work in a distributed team on Open Source software together with the community.

"Call To Action" still in effect. Looking for community contributions for the ETC Wikipedia page.

Reddit user "bitp" has brought it to the communities attention that the "Ethereum Classic" Wikipedia link currently redirects to "Ethereum". ETC community member /u/FaceDeer was previously a Wikipedia editor and has provided some insight on what should be done moving forward. One of his recommendations is that we start the process by adding to the Ethereum Classic section that is currently on the Ethereum Wikipedia page. ETC can then be given its own page after volunteers have submitted enough info. Please see his full post in the reddit thread linked below.

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