ETC Weekly Newsletter : Happy New Year!

2017/01/04 Carlo V

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Hi everyone, thank you for checking out this week's ETC newsletter! This is the first newsletter of 2017 and it’s looking like this year is going to be incredible. The blockchain bull is in full effect and as I’m writing this, the entire top 20 by market capitalization is in the green. Special thanks to all the developers, miners, user's, investors and other community members that made 2016 so special.

Featured in this week’s newsletter is the upcoming "DieHard" protocol upgrade which is going to occur at block 3,000,000 around ~Jan 15th. Thank you to everyone that contributed to "DieHard", nothing would be possible without all the hard work ETC devs put in. The protocol upgrade includes:

  • Difficulty Bomb delay (ECIP-1010)
  • EXP reprice (EIP-160)
  • Replay Protection (EIP-155)

The other big story is the CEO of CoinBase (Brian Armstrong) is considering the addition of ETC. Check out the post below to vote.

Last week's newsletter was jam packed with great news all over the place so I'm going to leave it in for one more run. It was a fun/busy holiday season so I'll leave everything in just in case anyone out there didn't get a chance to check it out. The other stories in this newsletter are listed below:

I'm really looking forward to an outstanding 2017. Hope everyone's holiday season went well and on behalf of the ETC community I'd like wish you all a Happy New Year!

ETC Geth 3.2.3 protocol upgrade aka "DieHard".

"A release ready for Diehard protocol upgrade coming in at block 3,000,000 around ~Jan 15th. The protocol upgrade includes:

  • Difficulty Bomb delay (ECIP-1010)
  • EXP reprice (EIP-160)
  • Replay Protection (EIP-155)

CEO of CoinBase BrianArmstrong considering adding ETC!

Quote from Brian Armstrong below.

  • "Yes - I'm thinking now that may have been a mistake. I'm not opposed to adding ETC if there is interest."

He also posted a poll for communities to let CoinBase know what currency they would like to see. Let him know you would like CoinBase to add ETC!

Trouble finding peers with Geth?

Several ETC geth users reported problems connecting to peers after a fresh install. If your full node has trouble finding peers, you may want to try adding static peer file manually. An up-to-date list of ETC peers maintained by Epool can be found here:

This list of nodes should be added to ".ethereum/static-nodes.json".

Ethereum Classic is looking for Rust & JS developers.

Igor aka Splix is looking for talented Rust and JS developers. Full time, remote. Experienced developers, which can lead projects, make architectural decisions and help other team members to do their job. Self motivated and able to work in a distributed team on Open Source software together with the community.

ETC Exchange Launches

If you would like more details please check out the following links:

English and other languages are underway for the website. If you have any questions please send them to [email protected].

Ethereum Classic now available at Échange de Montréal.

"Several of you have asked when we will be offering any alternative cryptocurrency apart from Bitcoin. We have been keeping an eye on other emerging cryptocurrencies and EDM is happy to announce that we will be selling Ethereum Classic (ETC) starting today!....."

Use ETC to buy any OpenBazaar item via ShapeShift integration.

"Today, a Blockchain asset exchange platform, has partnered with online bitcoin-enabled marketplace OpenBazaar via their integration of the ShapeShift Shifty Button. This integration allows OpenBazaar shoppers to purchase items....."

Two recent IOHK publications.

Ouroboros: A provably secure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol.

Scripting smart contracts for distributed ledger technology.

BTCC mining pool adding to ETC hashrate.

"Plans getting realized. BTCC ETC mining pool already above 40GHz and increasing."

ETCWin ICO thank you meeting and celebration!

Check out the tweet below from ETC China.

Check out!

Ethereum Classic Today! Your daily hit of ETC, Bitcoin, blockchain news and updates.

Instructional video series on mining released by Epool.

Epool - Ethereum Classic Mining.

Article from Dr. Seberino about zero knowledge proofs.

"Zero Knowledge Proofs For Dummies."

2 articles from CoinDesk.

"Ether Classic Surges to More Than 4-Month High ."

"Ethereum classic pushes forward​....."

Let's talk ETC! Tuesdays at 7:30pm EST.

Every Tuesday at 7:30pm EST we will be discussing what's going on in the ETC community and beyond. Last weeks show (12-20-16) features special guest Matt M aka "Snaproll" who is the creator of the monetary policy proposal featured in this newsletter. We will discuss monetary policy, ETC and blockchain in general. A link to the channel/show will be posted below, if you have ideas or questions please let us know. Thank you for subscribing to our latest updates and announcements!

ETC Monetary Policy

ETC Monetary Policy Proposal by @snaproll is now officially out as ECIP-1017

"This ECIP proposes a solution to the Ethereum Classic Monetary Policy to adjust, with finality, the current emission schedule implementation of 14.0625ETC per block in perpetuity. The solution proposed introduces a theoretical upper bound on the maximum absolute number of ETC and introduces a method of degraded emission over time. In addition, this ECIP describes the requirements associated with maintaining this emission schedule through a potential change of the network’s consensus algorithm, from its current Ethash based Proof of Work to a possible POS or POW/POS hybrid model." Please see the full post from github and reddit at the links below.

Monetary policy discussions are still in progress on many platforms. However, most of the conversation seems to be taking place on the #monetary_policy channel on slack. Please join us on Slack using the following link.

For more information on community participation please see this call to action post for guidance.

"Call To Action" still in effect. Looking for community contributions for the ETC Wikipedia page.

Reddit user "bitp" has brought it to the communities attention that the "Ethereum Classic" Wikipedia link currently redirects to "Ethereum". ETC community member /u/FaceDeer was previously a Wikipedia editor and has provided some insight on what should be done moving forward. One of his recommendations is that we start the process by adding to the Ethereum Classic section that is currently on the Ethereum Wikipedia page. ETC can then be given its own page after volunteers have submitted enough info. Please see his full post in the reddit thread linked below.

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  • Twitter - 33.1K followers.
  • Reddit /r/EthereumClassic - 2,939 subscribers.
  • Slack - 1,629 users.
  • Telegram - 783 users.
  • WeChat - 472 users.
  • Miners - 885.04 Total GH/s

Top 5 miners by average hashrate from the previous 7 days.

  • EtherMine 181.66 GH/s
  • NanoPool 180.24 GH/s
  • 91pool 173.73 GH/s
  • Private Pool 109.76 GH/s
  • F2pool 80.06 GH/s