ETC Newsletter : 2016-10-24 - 2016-11-01

2016/11/01 Carlo Vicari


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ETC Development Report.

With the recent protocol update complete, focus has now shifted towards monetary policy and governance models. Here a few points that are important to address.

  • The bomb delay is part of the last protocol update.
  • The bomb is delayed until late 2017.
  • There will be another update coming in January to fix replay attack issues.
  • Monetary policy proposals seem to be leaning heavily in favor of a capped supply.
  • Here is a proposal from one of our users on Slack.
  • Great article by "Chuck" that breaks down the proposal.
  • Please join us on Slack.
  • Monetary policy discussion can be found on the #monetary_policy channel.
  • For more information on community participation please see this call to action post for guidance.

Interview with Charles Hoskinson here .

Great interview on CryptoHolics episode 1 featuring Charles Hoskinson.

In the interview he discusses Ethereum Classic and blockchain in general.

Article by ETC community member "Chuck": "Instead of The Halvening, A Tithing for ETC"

Article released by community member Dr. Seberino: "Let's Admit Blockchains Are Weird: An Introduction To The Strangeness."

Article from discussing the successful ETC hardfork.“Ethereum Classic succesfully hard forked the morning of October 25th. They made an upgrade to their network to stop attacks exploiting a vulnerability in the system.”

Interesting discussion on immutability taking place on reddit: "Immutability doesn't mean being against hard forks."

Community Metrics:

  • Twitter - 33,700 followers.
  • Reddit /r/EthereumClassic - 2,835 subscribers.
  • Slack - 1,409 users.
  • Telegram - 781 users.
  • WeChat - 479 users.
  • Miners - 279.91 Total GH/s Source:

Top 5 miners by average hashrate from the previous 7 days:

  • 91pool 69.45 GH/s
  • NanoPool 58.99 GH/s
  • EtherMine 32.07 GH/s
  • MiningPoolHub 31.82 GH/s
  • [email protected] 25.49 GH/s