The Invisible Field

2016/09/18 ProphetDaniel


You might not see it. But it is there quite active and performing a vital role!

Ethereum Classic community, with a clean and inspired mind we will perform greatly in the many challenges we have ahead.

The video bellow perfectly captures a beautiful phenomenon, a consequence of the invisible field and protector of life on planet Earth called magnetic field. Mars once had a similar magnitude field for millions of years ago when life was probably much more abundant there. With its weakening the sunrays just ravaged the planet.

So every time you feel defeated by the devastation that we do ourselves to our planet, remember that there is an invisible field and protector of our lives here on Earth. A field able to reveal itself to mankind through a light show in rare places.

This phenomenon is called aurora borealis. Ethereum Classic moves toward the protection of our planet by respecting not only intrinsic society values but also the nature of our planet in a harmonious and happy way.

AURORA BOREALE from Andrea Battistella on Vimeo.