Getting things done in a decentralized way

2016/07/27 Arvicco

Getting things done

There is a tremendous momentum going in Ethereum Classic community. People burst with ideas, they want to help building and improving our community. People want to contribute to its infrastructure, coding, branding, marketing. Volunteers want to spread the word, organize local events and user groups, address issues, start new exciting projects and so on.

It is great to see this momentum, but some people feel disoriented because "no one seems to be in charge". I definitely have no intention to play Vitalik, and I don't feel like another definite centralized authority such as "Ethereum Classic Foundation" is a very good idea.

This is a decentralized community. You feel like something needs to be done and no one is doing it? Don't ask for permissions, just:

  • inform everyone about the issue you see
  • offer a plan to get it addressed
  • initiate discussion, solicit help and resources you need to make it happen
  • modify your plan as needed based on initial discussion
  • go ahead and just implement it!
  • assess the results, get feedback, go for another iteration

In Ethereum Classic, everything is a community effort. If everyone is simply contributing to the issue s/he is most passionate about and feels most qualified to achieve progress, it could work wonders. Just do your best to address the issues you see and listen to community feedback.

The blockchain revolution won't be centralized. We can make it happen, and we don't really need "supreme leaders" for this.